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Archive | September, 2013

Why a company needs an expert and how it can find him?

Today, more and more business processes require third-party expertise. Expertise becomes crucial for such spheres as investment in new technologies and strategic innovation development. Technologies become increasingly more sophisticated and complex, and the speed of their development continues to rise exponentially. Thus, there is no investor who could be an expert in all intricacies related […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Funding Your Startup

It is not a secret that funding is the key point in startups development.  For technological innovations funding often determines the launch of a project and, consequently a company creation. (Exception may be IT sector, where technology can be created without involvement of additional funds, but then anyway startups will need funding to commercialize it). […]

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7 Promising French Cleantech Startups

Cleantech is still one of the central topics in today’s businesses environment. In spite of the crises, European government is continuing its strong support of cleantech development programs. As the result, today we can find a lot of technological innovations related to clean and sustainable technologies. Here is a list of seven French startups that […]

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