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Tackling the World’s Energy Challenges: 7 Recent Innovations from the American National Laboratories

Needless to say that basic and applied research plays a crucial role in addressing world’s energy and environmental issues. Scientific research is a foundation for new innovations that could fundamentally change our energy system in its entirety. Hundreds of promising cleantech companies, including Aquion Energy, Bloom Energy, Ambri and Alphabet Energy were based on the […]

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How Much Does Technology Cost?

Technology valuation is an essential part of technology transfer. How to determine the price that will objectively reflect the value of technology? This question arises both from developer’s and buyer’s side, especially in case of intellectual property valuation. The task becomes more complicated if the technology is still in process of developing. In this case, […]

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Technology Transfer Methods

The choice of a technology transfer method should be based on technology analysis, future strategy of cooperation with a company’s supplier, investment resources and technical capacities of the company to implement the technology. When choosing a transfer method, it is necessary to understand that the more complex is the technology, the closer should the connections […]

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Technology Transfer – Driving Force of Innovation

Over the past few decades, technology transfer has shown its crucial role in economic and business development. Technology transfer is one of the most effective ways to reduce a technological gap between developing and developed countries. For developing countries it is an excellent opportunity to increase competitiveness of local businesses and create their own innovative […]

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