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Why a company needs an expert and how it can find him?

Today, more and more business processes require third-party expertise. Expertise becomes crucial for such spheres as investment in new technologies and strategic innovation development.

Technologies become increasingly more sophisticated and complex, and the speed of their development continues to rise exponentially. Thus, there is no investor who could be an expert in all intricacies related to a new innovative technology. At the same time, startups and research laboratories applying for funding will claim that they have created a disruptive and revolutionary technology. So, when an investor assesses a new technology in nanomaterials, bioscience, semiconductors or other high-tech sphere he can’t make any decision on potential funding without a pertinent expertise. Moreover, even if the experts have confirmed the results presented by a startup, there could be other companies that are developing a similar technology in different countries. Besides, solutions of these companies may be more efficient, cheaper, or they can already be on the market. So, assessing an innovative technology, the investor should get also a global expertise in the specific field.

Expertise plays also a crucial role for companies that are trying to boost innovation or looking for support on specific technical problem. In general, companies want to be in touch with the latest trends, new applications and breakthrough technologies in their field. Entering a new market, a company needs to identify key players in foreign countries, as well as find and qualify potential partners. All of these processes require pertinent global expertise.

At the same time, the process of searching and involving the experts is not so efficient as one might think. In most cases the choice of an expert is limited by a small group of consulting firms and local research institutions. This situation does not correspond to current business needs: the number of new companies that need a pertinent expertise in different business areas and countries increases exponentially every year. Consequently, this issue requires the development of new innovative solutions that could make a relationship between businesses and experts more global and effective.

An example of such innovative solution is a promising French startup PRESANS. PRESANS helps big and medium companies to access worldwide intelligence and knowledge by identifying, qualifying and engaging for them leading experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines. The company has developed a search engine that can scan, index and organize the information retrieved from the web pages of research centers, scientific literature and patents bases. Today PRESANS expert’s base consists of more than one million specialists, which gives companies a possibility to get quick and reliable answers to their calls for expertise.

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